Olive oil is not healthy, olive oil is Health

Oil is not a product you make; it is a blessing you preserve. This is what we believe in since year 1940, the day we started believing in the Olive oil philosophy, the most spectacular Nature’s outcome.
Industrial Kingdom Company, is a Lebanese established institution that works for the health conscious, knowing that olive oil is essential for any modern kitchen. With the variable flavors and types, all olive oil have one thing in common, not in bottle and packages but in Olive itself.
The process that begins with plantation and harvest is considered as a imperative process for the company, because we know that the Olive tree must be pampered as much as it deserves pampering. From this small but proud country, we succeeded in knitting a multinational web, by establishing a sister company in Dubai , Taj Al Sultan , as well as distributing all over the MENA region.
The company is expanding not only with branches and operations, but also in Trust and reputation. “a word of mouth” is our basic marketing strategy , relying on consumers and business owners satisfied experiences with us, we tend to exceed the market expectations with inexorable development and continuous researches.

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The Foodservice range is comprised of high quality ingredients created to meet and exceed the needs of demanding chefs, and diners, across the world. Our products deliver outstanding results in the kitchen - as well as on the table- offering an exceptional mix of quality and flexibility from seasoning to baking, frying and garnishing.


We offer for retailers, a consumer product, which fits the supermarket shelf, the price quality ratio, and the Food table. A premium olive oil. High purity and impeccable flavor, the Gold liquid garnishes the art of the international cuisine.

Industrial / Bulk

The big quantity does not interfere with the huge quality. When delivering olive oil in Tanks, we surely assure the importance of considering the tank as if it is a small bottle; we cherish the Bulk with small details of interest. The Bulk, is Big… not only in amount

Private Label

Privately yours...
We pack and wrap special bottles for special orders, several notorious companies and retailers, sign their name on bottles we produce, they trust us with the most valuable thing in their lives which is their “brand name” .
Their signatures on our bottles, are considered as our most central quality certificate.
We produce private label, we produce Trust.

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All olive oils that are less than 0.8% acidity and produced by the first pressing of the olive fruit through the cold pressing process is called extra-virgin olive oil.
According to Paul Armas Lepisto, Director of The Olive University, most olive oils today are extra virgin in name only, meeting only the minimum requirement. Extra virgin is a chemical requirement that does not indicate quality and taste.



It is made from olives that are slightly riper than those used in the production of extra-virgin oil. Virgin olive oil is produced in the same way, but it is essentially defective or low-grade extra virgin oil. This oil's acidity is a slightly higher level of 1 1/2%.



Olive oil known as "refined olive oil" is made by refining virgin olive oil to reduce acidity level which is usually higher than 3.3%, using mechanical, thermal and/or chemical processes The final product has very low acidity level and basically lighter flavor, color, and odorless.



Ordinary or Pure "olive oil" is actually a blended oil product. The producer blends into the refined olive oil a percentage of quality virgin olive oil to provide color and taste. Pure refers to the fact that no non-olive oils are mixed in.



Olive-pomace oil is the residue oil that is extracted by chemical solvents from previously pressed olive mash. This oil must be highly-refined to remove chemical impurities using methods which do not lead to alterations in the initial glyceridic structure. Like ordinary olive oil, refined olive-pomace oil is enriched with virgin olive oil prior to sale. Although this grade is commercially attractive for its low price, we don’t really recommend it to our customers.



Healthy, natural sunflower oil is produced from oil type sunflower seeds. Sunflower oil is light in taste and appearance and supplies more Vitamin E than any other vegetable oil. It is a combination of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats with low saturated fat levels.
The versatility of this healthy oil is recognized by cooks internationally. Sunflower oil is valued for its light taste, frying performance and health benefits.


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